‘Leftist liberals’ continue to get way

America, we are on a slippery slope. We are now removing statues from the public view because a few people are offended. Right, wrong or indifferent, it is American history.

If we are going to remove statues of Civil War generals because they offend and bring up memories of our past, then are we going to remove the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial?

If the Confederate battle flag offends, then should the American flag be banned?

The Nazis and Russians removed historical items from public view. Is this what we as a country have come to, rewriting our past to make it into something nice and gentle?

The leftist liberals in this country just continue to cry to get their way, and this is not only with the removal of historical items.

It’s going into the judicial process with liberal judges deciding to use their opinions to make rulings instead of following the laws we have in place. If the former president could keep funding from states because they did not meet his opinion of who can use a bathroom, then why can’t the new administration keep funding from states who refuse to follow our in place immigration laws?

Wake up, America. Trying to erase our past and liberal judges ruling with their personal feelings instead of the established laws is leading us down a road of no return.

Just what is next? Be very, very careful. This will come back to bite you in the future.

Kelly Leydig