Law goes too far when walking your dog

Most everybody knows that when walking your dog, it must be on a leash. But when I am walking my dog in a remote place, he’s walking beside me — not bothering anyone.

I guess you people that knew the words very well — “it’s the law” — follow everybody and stop them and tell them it’s the law.

These are the same people who are texting on phones, not using turn signals, going through red lights and yellow lights and speeding.

I bet they love you telling them “It’s the law.”

Also, when neighbors move out and leave their cats behind, what law is this? You call all the humane societies in and around the area, and no one would take them.

So there were two adult cats and the female feral cat had four kittens. That makes six cats. Now the female just had another litter.

What law is broken here?

I tried picking up a kitten to give it a home, and it bit me.

Then I had to go for rabies shots — 11 to be exact. Now who broke this law? Nothing’s been done yet.

So don’t tell me “It’s the law.”

Call 911, and when they answer “911, what’s your emergency?”

Oh someone walking their dog without a leash.

Judy Blackie