Hollidaysburg service benefits retirees

Recently, our retirement community had a very pleasant experience involving students from Hollidaysburg Area High School.

The school district requires students to perform service hours in order to qualify for graduation. One of our residents works for the district and suggested we contact Donald Tantius, the program coordinator, to determine if any students would be interested in planting flowers in the front yards of our senior citizens.

Five students volunteered to work three days on the project. Their names are: Ronnie Shoop, Sam Barroner, Kayla Clemenson, Sara Bollman and Kaitlyn Gaus.

These students worked hard and were a joy to talk to. The three days were sunny and hot. Each student worked without complaint and did a job that our residents could not perform. Cellphones were put away while working. Of course, they were given breaks, hydrated and well fed. That’s the least we could do for them.

After graduation, these five are headed to college, the armed forces and private industry. I’m sure they will be successful in their future endeavors.

With so much bad news about young people, it should be noted that there are only a few bad apples, and most students are among the good.

Working on community projects is an example of that. They are an asset to our area and their future looks bright.

Our thanks go out to the school district for having such a program, and to the coordinator and students who made the effort to get involved.

Walter Bagley


Deer Meadow

Retirement Community