Arming teachers worth consideration

Last Saturday’s Mirror featured an opinion by retired teacher Frances Hugg on guns in the classroom.

This opinion is classic uninformed rhetoric. One reason why mass shootings in schools is a hot topic is simply because you have large groups of kids with no security and a majority of teachers whose major defense against such shooters is to shut the door and lock it if possible — which will not stop a bullet — or hide in a closet or a dark room.

The shooters are well aware that they face little to no resistance, especially violence, because the police are minutes away, and most teachers are busy trying to hide, protect and console their students.

Second, we do not have weak gun laws in this country, and especially in this state.

I have a concealed carry permit that required a background check using federal and state law enforcement computers assuring I had no felonies or any reason to deny me my Second Amendment right to carry.

The previous shootings were people having distinct mental health issues who used illegally obtained weapons to attack unprotected kids. Citing a taxpayer “think tank” as a source is ludicrous at best.

I do agree that police officers are the best trained and best option for a situation like a shooting, but in nearly every scenario response time is a major factor. We simply do not have sufficient police numbers to cover all schools, malls and public transportation sites.

Her scenario of dozens of young men rushing a female or male teacher to take their gun is almost laughable.

First the kids wouldn’t/

shouldn’t know which teachers might have a weapon, and such weapons would at least in my mind be secured in a locked securely mounted safe in the teacher’s desk or some other area known only to the teacher and administration.

Her slight of women with her hormone issues is laughable also. Training would be for those who willingly go through it, and they would not have holsters that guns “fall” out of should they bend over.

The entire purpose of concealed weapons and armed school officials is as a deterrent, and as mentally unstable people as all shooters are, coming up against armed and trained opposition, these shootings will decrease.

Frank J. Kauffman