Airlines must come up with better options

I have been watching the United Airlines’ issues with overbooking flights in the news the last couple of weeks, then I saw the article about the airlines raising the limits of payments to bump flyers to $10,000.

I don’t agree with the airlines’ solution to the problem of overbooking flights being to pay people to give up their seats.

I think that the airline companies need to get a plan on how to prevent overbooking and not how to take care of the problem when it happens.

This is also not a perfect solution since most people who book flights are not willing to give up their seats for money.

This causes a serious problem for the airlines and more so the passengers because they are the ones being violently dragged off the planes.

I say that the airlines need to figure out a plan to stop the overbooking and stop making the customers pay for mistakes.

Jessilynn O’Neill


(The writer is a student in the Altoona Area School District.)