Patton best suited for prothonotary

As a Blair County attorney for 20 years, I know the importance of the prothonotary’s office to the courts as well as to the citizens of Blair County.

In my practice, I have regular dealings with the prothonotary’s office and have found the staff to be courteous and informed.

In particular, Robin Patton has assisted me on many occasions and has demonstrated a vast knowledge of the Rules of Court that govern this office.

Patton has proven that she has the ability to administer the office when called upon to do so.

Her 17 years of experience and dedication to this office cannot be matched by anyone.

She has plans for the future and continued improvement of the office. I know and trust she will make sure the office is run courteously and efficiently.

Please vote for Robin Patton, the experienced candidate.

Shawn B. Cohen