It’s beyond time to accept Trump

If you check history, the Nuclear Option, as it is called, was developed by the Democrats when they did not get their way and wanted someone on the Supreme Court.

Why is it the Democrats continue to act like children and will not concede that Hillary Clinton is not the president?

It is time for all of Congress to grow up and do what is right for the people they were elected to represent.

Get over it: Donald Trump, for right or wrong, is the president, and it is time to quit your not my president crying and either get on the train or get out of the way.

The past eight years of spending money and giving IOUs are over. We have to live within our means and giving hollow threats and placing red lines to the JV team that just laughed and crossed it are over.

The United States has to, with or without your opinion, take a stand on the international stage and show our strength. And where was Congress when the last president did whatever he wanted with our military and no one asked? Congress needs to know certain things the military is doing and not all.

This is not the past eight years. We are not going to telegraph, “Hey we are coming and on this date and time.”

Get over it, snowflakes: The adults are in charge now.

Kelly Leydig