Donley believes in public education

Everyone always affirms how we all want the best for our children.

We see the children as hope for the future. We want our children to do better than we did, to be better educated and better prepared for the jobs of the future.

We cannot establish and truly believe these things unless we are willing to invest in the education of our children.

Quality education is not cheap, and it needs to be funded at levels that prepare our children in Altoona to compete nationwide in the job market. We need to invest in education or we will end up using our tax dollars to pay for jails instead.

We need to support John Donley for the Altoona Area School Board.

Donley supports and believes in public education and is the voice of reason to protect a high quality of education for our young people.

Vote for John Donley for the Altoona Area School Board.

Marsha Hunter