Dick would improve prothonotary’s office

The average citizen has no idea the information that is archived and produced in the county prothonotary’s office — until they have a need for it.

As a career examiner of these records to support record title of real estate, I have had need to access documents for 30-plus years in Blair and surrounding counties.

It pains me to say that records maintained in my home county are not treated with the care and respect they deserve to enable the forward progress of commerce.

Cindy Dick is well acquainted with this need.

Her years of experience in the field are unmatched by any of the candidates. Her love of history, legal research and organization are well known to those of us who interact with her.

It’s the season for change, new beginnings and new growth.

Cindy Dick is my choice, and I proudly recommend her for the job.

Sherree Otto Luke