Dick has experience for prothonotary

As a group of real estate paralegals and abstractors, who work with the Blair County prothonotary’s office daily, we will be casting our votes for Cindy Dick for prothonotary in the May primary.

Dick’s decades of experience as a paralegal have afforded her a working knowledge of the office, placed her in the position to step directly in the roll of full-time prothonotary, given her the ability to step back and objectively analyze the problems the office is currently experiencing and the determination to address the issues that must be acknowledged and corrected.

Having witnessed first-hand how various Pennsylvania counties run their prothonotary’s offices, Dick is full of ideas to improve and streamline the operations in the office.

For these reasons, we ask you to please join us in voting Cindy Dick for prothonotary.

Julie Myers


(This letter was also signed by 10 other people.)