Trump on his way to fulfilling promises

On March 3, the Mirror stated that ex-President Barack Obama was ready to roll to help get a Democrat elected for president next election.

Obama should keep his nose out of politics. Had he stayed out of politics in the first place, the United States would be way better off than we are now.

From day one, when Obama was elected, things started to go down the tube.

All we ever heard during his campaign from Obama and the Clintons was “stop Trump; he is not fit to be president.”

In the short time, Trump has been in office, he has done far more, or at least is trying to fulfill his campaign promises.

If he is given a chance, a lot of these promises will work.

We know nothing got done with Obama, who was just in for the glory.

Trump does not need any glory. He has done enough with his life to earn his own glory.

He won the election on his own. Everyone except his campaign crew was against him from day one.

Let it go. Trump won, so let him do his job.

Lenny Metz