Public education is working well

I am fortunate to have held education related jobs, working with teachers and visiting schools throughout Blair County, the state of Pennsylvania and several other states.

I have seen public education at its best.

Teachers are working diligently to meet the needs of students in affluent, average and under-resourced districts, utilizing the tools they have, no matter what the circumstances.

Currently public schools and teachers are under attack both at the federal and local levels.

This is despicable.

Public education is one arena where all children have a chance to learn, grow and become productive citizens.

Public schools work. They teach as well or better than private schools and better than charters. They accept students from all races, abilities, and economic classes, deserving support, not scorn.

Maintaining a strong public education system is not only crucial, it is a mandate within the Pennsylvania constitution.

Kathrine Muller, Altoona