Nation should strive for truth

My late great aunt Gunilla used to say between drags on her Chesterfield and belts of Old Overholt, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

How many coincidences are one too many? Ask a cop how he feels about coincidences.

There are too many people, deserved or not, in the present administration who are under a shadow thrown by the Russian government.

How did this happen?

Why did this happen?

All Americans — right, left and down the middle — are entitled to the truth, whatever it may be. Even though that truth might make us uncomfortable.

For our country’s sake, let’s have an independent prosecutor. The law was passed in the first place to deal with these kinds of situations.

Let them do their work, let them determine the facts, let them communicate those facts to the American people.

In the end, one side will be right and one side will be wrong. And the winner can hoot and holler until the cows come home. And the loser can yell right back.

But we will know the truth. And in my opinion, without truth we don’t have much of a nation left.

Joe Hill, Cresson