Left has a tough time reconciling losses

I would like to go a little further with this issue than Regis Lynch’s very well-written letter to the editor on March 2.

The left has very little remaining in its playbook (Rules for Radicals) but to call others names. Throughout the country, the left has lost many seats in the state and federal elections and now the presidency.

They are having a difficult time reconciling these losses. They have every reason anyone could think of for these losses — except the fact they had a lousy message (to continue President Barack Obama’s programs) and a worse candidate.

The left has been name-calling for a long time.

If you didn’t agree with the former president and his programs and stated such a view, you were labeled a bigot, racist, hater, redneck, Nazi, sexist, fascist, Islamophobe, misogynist, moron, xenophobe, homophobe, denier, some that cling to your Bibles and guns (deplorable came later).

There are probably more I have forgotten. So much for healing the divide.

If you disagree with the left’s policies, you will not be permitted to speak and will be shouted down.

So much for free speech and civil discourse.

If you don’t like the results of elections, you dress in black, wear masks, riot, burn buildings, destroy cars, break a lot of glass, and put a very heavy burden on many innocent folks.

Who are the real terrorists?

When it comes down to which name I prefer to be called, it would be “deplorable redneck.”

And you can bet the ranch, I will cling to my Bible and guns.

K. Lynn Smyers