Eichelberger failing to represent us

Here in Pennsylvania’s 30th District, the need for change is more apparent than ever.

Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr. and his views do not represent the people of central Pennsylvania.

Instead of focusing on the real-life issues facing members of our community, and the state as a whole, the senator plots his course of attack on one group after another.

Teachers, union members, people of color, women, LGBTs, and low wage workers seem to be his favorite targets. As someone who has lived in this area my whole life, I can assure the senator that the vast majority disagree with his recent quotes in the Mirror about minimum wage laws.

I think it is time for change in Harrisburg, and that change needs to begin with local Republicans and Democrats alike saying enough is enough.

Eichelberger does not represent the values of kindness, fairness, work ethic and decency that are a hallmark of central Pennsylvanians.

Eichelberger needs to go down in 2018.

Zachary Winkler