Country no longer example to youth

I watch the news daily and I don’t know if I want to call it “fake,” but I do think it is more depressing with each passing day.

The other evening, I tuned into a TV show with Steve Harvey, the one with children who are quite remarkable. It was a glimpse of tomorrow’s adults.

They outshine most of today’s.

I’m watching these politicians in our nation’s capital argue and fight on a daily basis, and I wonder if they forget why they are there, and that they are representing my country as a whole.

Jobs are being lost, veterans are being ignored, poor people are getting poorer while I watch them in their expensive suits, riding in transportation my tax dollars are paying for, and they are battling it out like a bunch of kids on the playground.

Now more than ever our nation needs to pull together for the good of the people — all of the people.

We have forgotten what this country is based on — freedom for everyone. And those children are watching us all. We are supposed to be examples of them.

Maybe these people should take a moment out of their combative days and remember the innocence and honesty for a child.

Katherine Grimme