America in no danger of losing its democracy

I suppose it was no surprise that President Donald Trump has evoked a squeal from our local liberal nest at Juniata College in the form of Professor Philip Dunwoody’s recent op-ed in the Mirror.

It was all but guaranteed.

So the professor has studied authoritarianism for some 15 years. And he conveniently bookmarks this pilgrimage with “shock” from George Bush’s and Trump’s administrations, even though Trump’s is less than two months old. It’s interesting, if not telling.

And who could be surprised that he quoted John McCain in his assertion that all dictators start like Trump?

No free thinkers for sure.

So, let’s discuss “authoritarianism” by first posing a few questions.

Would Dunwoody consider it authoritarian for the Democratic National Committee to so manipulate its primary process to the point that only Hillary Clinton could secure the nomination?

Would Barack Obama’s EPA nearly destroying the coal industry via regulations from non-elected bureaucrats be authoritarian?

Would Obama’s regular denegration of news media unfavorable to him be authoritarian?

Would refusing to support the United States’ only ally in the Middle East, to the point of actually doing harm, be authoritarian?

I could go on and on but you get the point.

The professor also has come to discover something fairly new called “fake news.”

Would it be fake news to report polling numbers that made certain a Clinton win up until say, about 2 a.m. the morning after election day?

In addition to the elementary and superficial silliness of parroting the DNC and CNN regarding Putin electing Trump, inauguration crowd size, and a host of other issues, a real danger is exposed by Dunwoody and his like-minded crowd.

It lies within their inherent inability to accept the fact that at least half of America rejects their vision for this nation. It is inconceivable to them that they cannot further impose their will upon us. This is the most dangerous form of authoritarianism.

Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush all exited power graciously. Carter, Clinton (X2), and soon Obama, will not go away.

Another putrid trait of authoritarianism is hypocrisy. Harry Reid changed the Senate rules to suit his desire for confirmations and now Charles Schumer is nearly nuts over the potential that the Republicans will live by the same rule.

Authoritarianism, Dunwoody, is undermining the 2nd Amendment at every turn and yet demanding the swearing of allegiance to Roe v. Wade before a Democrat can even consider a Supreme Court nomination.

A litmus test to determine support for a “right” that was tortured from the Constitution’s text is surely authoritarian, no? Is refusing to even acknowledge the existence of the 10th Amendment authoritarianism?

Dunwoody claims that the press is a “pillar of democracy.” Pravda and Al Jazeera will be sad to hear that.

Professor, a pillar of democracy must be plumb.

To be anything but disqualifies it as legitimate and therefore renders it unworthy of the sacredness he seems to think it deserves and the protection the Constitution provides for it.

Authoritarians appreciate and capitalize on it being a bubble or so off in their direction. Trump has figured this out, along with millions of other Americans, many of whom voted for him.

Refreshing, indeed.

I submit that the real enemy of the people is the group of opportunists who champion democracy only when it appears to align with their world view.

These are authoritarians in the truest sense of the word. And they are dangerous.

Finally, if the professor is so afraid of us losing our democracy, I recommend he report to the local recruiting office, raise his right hand, and swear to support and defend the real pillar, the Constitution.

They’ll trade him a uniform for his pen.

Samuel L. Heaster