Voting for Trump was vote for change

A recent letter by Elizabeth Shade asked the question “What were you thinking?” with regard to the election of Donald Trump.

I can’t speak for everyone who voted for Trump, but I would like to answer the question from my perspective.

I was thinking that I couldn’t vote for a woman who thought of me as deplorable and irredeemable, who thought I was so easily influenced that having celebrities endorse her would make me forget about the email debacle, pay-for-play at the State Department and the deaths in Benghazi just to name a few items.

I was thinking that a woman who allowed her top adviser to denigrate the very people she was supposed to represent in his email correspondence and cried foul when it was made public did not deserve my support.

I was thinking that someone who worried more about transgender bathrooms than national security was not fit to be president. I was thinking that to endure another eight years of Obama’s elitist governing and Democratic policies that signed a treaty with Iran which benefited only them and made us look weak was a future I could not envision.

I was thinking that eight years of failed economic policies that reduced the percentage of home ownership, saw a decline in the average per capita income, was responsible for a drop in job participation but doubled the national debt, and would have been continued under Clinton, was something I could not endorse.

I was thinking that I could not vote for any candidate of a party that puts illegal immigrants before its own citizens. I was thinking that a party that would embrace sanctuary cities to the detriment of the very people they should be trying to protect was not the party I want running this country.

I could go on but I think I’ve answered your question. What was I thinking? I was thinking that it was time to get rid of divisive identity politics (black vs. white, rich vs. poor, city vs. country).

I was thinking it was time to get rid of the status quo.

I was thinking it was time for us to stop the decline of our nation. And the recent obstructionist, juvenile behavior by the Democratic leadership and their misguided followers has me thinking I was right.

Kelly Garza