Toomey ignores future of our children

Nothing is as important to parents as the well-being of their children and their children’s future.

As an retired educator in the Altoona Area public school system, I know this fact well. Education is vital to the future of our nation, indeed, to the future of the world.

We live in a representative democracy, and as such, we have the right as voting constituents of our representatives in Congress to be heard.

That is why, as a voter, former educator and constituent, I am outraged that in a matter as important to this nation as the Senate confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, Sen. Pat Toomey chose to instruct his aides in all of his statewide offices not to answer the phones or empty the voicemail boxes.

His excuse was that too many people who were not from our state were calling him. But that is not an excuse to ignore the voice of his constituents on a matter of such great importance.

Our senators and representatives are supposed to represent us. How can they do that sacred trust, if they stop listening to our voices.

They are our public servants, not the other way around.

We, the voters of this state, pay Toomey’s salary to represent us. And in this case, he chose to totally ignore that voice on a key vote that affects us all most close to home — the future of our children.

Frances Hugg