Toomey didn’t listen to his constituents

Sen. Pat Toomey seems to have forgotten whom he works for.

Over the past few weeks, Toomey blatantly disregarded the thousands of emails, phone calls and letters pouring into his offices across the state and Washington, urging him to cast his vote against Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, from whom he has received $60,050 in campaign contributions.

There have been countless reports of faxes not going through, emails not getting returned, busy signals and full voice mailboxes at his offices.

To take charge of our nation’s school system, he gave the reins to a person who doesn’t know the difference between proficiency and growth, a concept I learned in my first year an undergraduate.

He hired a person who seems to have plagiarized large portions of her questionnaire to the Senate, said it would be premature to commit to upholding campus protections against sexual assault, failed to recognize IDEA as a federal law and hasn’t managed a dime of federal student loan debt in her life.

Teachers in Pennsylvania are required to take 24 credits past their bachelor’s degree to maintain their licenses. They have more education on a subject and more experience on a subject than the person who will now oversee their professions.

She did not get this job because of her qualifications. She got this job because of privilege.

Sen. Toomey failed at representing the people of Pennsylvania. We made our voices heard, and they fell to deaf ears.

Shane McBurney