Obama deserves our nation’s thanks

I would like to thank our former president, Barack Obama, for his steady and thoughtful leadership the past eight years.

Despite unprecedented opposition, he accomplished much, and those things left undone cannot be blamed on him, but rather on those who stonewalled his agenda.

I thank Obama for being someone we could always rely upon, for taking his responsibilities seriously, for his intelligence, for his reasoned decision making, for keeping us safe every single day for eight years, for his compassion and empathy, for his good humor and ability to poke fun at himself, for representing us with dignity, class and style, for actually living family values by showing us all what it means to be a husband and a father.

Obama saved our economy from ruin in 2009, signed into law Wall Street Reform, eliminated Osama bin Laden, rescued the automobile industry, supported same-sex marriage and the entire LBGTQ community, toppled Moammar Gaddafi, improved our image abroad, reversed U.S. torture policies, and, despite fabrications to the contrary, foretold by the truth-bending PR machine of the NRA — no one, not one single person — had their guns confiscated.

All of this, and so much more and not one hint of scandal personally or in his administration. History will treat our 44th president well, because he treated us well.

Thank you, sir, for a job very well done.

Kirk J. Dodson