Obama deserves his share of credit

A few citizens last month wrote editorials about President Barack Obama and how terrible he was to our country.

One said he was, is and always will be “the worst president in the history of the world.”

That record actually belongs to George W. Bush.

The other person said he “never heard anything negative about President Obama from the news media, and all he did was ruin our country and double up the national debt.”

Apparently this person was not paying attention to what was going on in our country for the last eight years.

President Bill Clinton handed over to George W. Bush a $236 billion surplus and a zero deficit, and he turned that into a $412 billion deficit.

Here are just a few things that happened under President Obama’s eight years:

– The auto industry was saved from bankruptcy.

– The economic stimulus package created three million jobs.

– Cash for Clunkers bill created economic growth.

– Wall Street was at 7,000 when Obama took office and over 19,000 when he left office.

– When Obama went into office, the country was losing 800,000 jobs a month and the 227,000 jobs created in January marked the 76th straight month of payroll gains, an all-time record.

When Obama went into office, the unemployment rate was at 10 percent. When he went out of office, the rate was down to 4.7 percent, and under his watch, 11.5 million jobs were created.

George W. Bush increased the national debt by 101 percent to $5.8 trillion. Obama increased the national debt by only 68 percent to $6.8 trillion. The reason for Obama’s smaller debt was his use of drones for fighting war and the pulling of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

All these naysayers have forgotten about the devastation that George W. Bush put this country through and will not give President Obama credit for bringing back the country from the brink of disaster.

Martin Baronner


(Editor’s note: This letter was printed Saturday with several errors that have been corrected.)