Organ donation ‘correct decision’

Reading Susan Stuart’s article (Dec. 30, “Willing to receive but not give”) was very interesting, educational and mind boggling.

We are all entitled to our own feelings, decisions and actions.

While being blessed to be alive on this beautiful earth, we must realize that when our physical being has reached its end of functional ability, it’s our spirit and soul that will move on into eternal peace.

The organs and tissues in our body will continue to exist until burned to ash in cremation or buried underground until they dissolve inside our coffin/vault.

Please make the correct decision and become a donor right now while you’re alive and understand that you can and will be the only reason someone near their death can accept tissue or an organ from your deceased body and continue to live with their loved ones.

They will be so thankful to not just you but your living family as well.

It’s just the right thing to do, people. Please do it.

Richard Hockenos