Altoona needs to curtail spending

Is Sharon Bream the only member of the Altoona Area School Board who realizes the taxpayers of Altoona are tapped out?

The front-page story in last Monday’s Mirror has me wondering how the other board members think we can afford their endless school building projects.

One option presented to finance the building of a new high school was a half mill increase in property taxes every year for the next 10 years. Prior to reassessment a half mill wasn’t much, but that’s all changed now.

The 2016 AASD millage was 55 mills, but with the millage reset it will now be in the 5 mill range, which means a half mill increase every year for 10 years will approximately double the tax burden.

This comes on top of most of us already being hit with a significant property tax increase (county, city and school district) solely due to the reassessment.

But it won’t stop there as that half mill will be needed just to pay for this one project.

Does anybody really believe the school board won’t want to build more elementary schools before 10 years have passed? Past history would indicate otherwise.

These future projects will require additional increases.

I agree 100 percent with what John McGinnis said in last week’s opinion column when he questioned why the school board wants to spend $100 million to build a new high school when they can’t even begin to pay their pension debt.

Do they have any understanding at all what the words fiscal responsibility mean?

If we mismanaged our home finances like that, we’d be bankrupt. But then we don’t have an endless pool of money — the taxpayers — to tap into.

Michael Boston