Where’s fairness in reassessment?

When the reassessment process first began, “fairness” was the keyword used as one of the reasons for reassessment along with the fact that it hadn’t been done since 1958.

I believe most people would agree that it was necessary, and all that anyone wanted is fairness.

But from my own experience with the process, along with what I’ve been reading in the Mirror and talking with friends and neighbors, fairness is far from what is happening.

What is fair about a property being assessed at 40-50K or more than its actual value?And then what’s fair about having to spend $300 for an appraisal by a licensed real estate professional stating that your property was overvalued by 40-50K by the assessors?

Then you have an appeals board, appointed by the commissioners, who have little or no real estate experience, basically tell you the professional you hired, and his evaluation of your property are all wrong.

That’s $300 down the drain.

It was my impression that an appraisal was to be the best defense in the argument for fairness. So much for that.

Now I have to spend another $131 to have my case heard by a judge. If things were fair we wouldn’t be tying up the already busy court system with unnecessary appeals, now would we?

Fair? I don’t think so.

On a side note, if that panel of gentlemen who heard my appeal would like to spend $40K over the appraised value of my property, come and get it.

David R. Zeak