Hollidaysburg needs Kaneshiki

This letter is being written in reference to a Hollidaysburg Area School Board member by the name of Lois Kaneshiki.

Her judges come from members of the Mirror administration and letter writers to the Mirror. How fascinating.

As a taxpayer in the Hollidaysburg School District, it is with great pleasure for me to defend Kaneshiki as a member of this school board.

She has that tenacity that needs to be had for there are members of the board who are pushovers on various issues.

She does not need to apologize for using the word “retarded” for that term has been used for many years until the 1980s when some so-called educated individuals started to use the term “special needs students.”

That term is still used periodically. There are students who are retarded and make no mistake about it.

She does not need to feel sorry for stating that kindergarten is babysitting. She did need to explain more specifically where she was coming from even though she was not being detrimental to her mission as some have stated.

I come from an educational genealogy and know kindergarten to be a babysitting/educational entity. I know there are kindergarten children who wet their pants, who throw temper tantrums.

There are those parents who are not high school graduates and those that had children while in high school that send their children to kindergarten and expect those teachers to teach the children what they should know before entering kindergarten.

This may not be the case in a lot of locations, but the case in certain area locations.

There are those parents who are not married and abuse the children and the kindergarten gets these type children knowing very little outside of their name, place of residence and mother’s name.

You read about these cases in the paper periodically.

Therefore, Lois Kaneshiki is an asset to the Hollidaysburg Area School Board, perhaps not to others, and I want her to be more tenacious in her deliberations, but clearly defined.

David R. Clapper