Cost of living adjustment unfair

Are there any other senior citizens out there who — like me — are experiencing  absolute wonderment at the minuscule amount reported as the proposed cost of living increase for our specific group in 2017 while staggering amounts of money are pledged by our various elected officials and reported as designated aid for foreign countries?

In theory to my understanding, during the course of our employment, our various elected officials, by law, provided that we and our employers deposit sums of money into the Social Security coffers through payroll taxes.

We, then, were to place trust in those same various elected officials to faithfully direct and to oversee those accumulating amounts; then, by law, to fairly disburse those sums to us upon retirement — taking into consideration, by law, the current applicable cost of living.

Our general cost of living has increased both in medical and in general purchase. The increases are in sums greater then the projected $4 per month average proposed cost-of-living adjustment.

Therefore, it should raise a question as to exactly what scale is being used for Social Security.

Maybe our elected officials would want to switch indexes with us as they seem to make out better on cost of living adjustments.

It seems, in my opinion, to give the appearance of a curious lack of perspective, ethics and accountability toward our specific segment of American society as well as to other American segments to “short change” to force a “make do” or a “do without” for any American, in any way, while funding foreign countries (in crisis or not).

Our various elected officials do not seem to notice the crisis Americans are experiencing here, in America.

Do we really want those huge sums to be pledged and presumably to be distributed outside of America?

Sara Langham