Show your support for those in blue

I am writing this letter concerning the recent attacks on the police officers.

Several years ago, I attended the Blair County Police Association Memorial held in front of the courthouse in Hollidaysburg. They handed out candles with a blue bulb in it along with paper about a Blue Light concept.

They were asking citizens to place the blue candle in their window to show support for law enforcement who lost their lives in the line of duty.

They asked that we show our support for law enforcement all year long by displaying these blue lights in our windows. I am sure that most might already have candles in our windows, and we might have blue bulbs stashed with our Christmas decorations.

If not, I am sure that places like Unkel Joe’s Woodshed will soon be opening their ‘Tis the Season Shop, and we will be able to find blue bulbs. We might also be able to find blue bulbs to place in our porch lights.

Please support our local police departments, and the officers that put their lives on the line every day.

Nancy J. Kerns