Secrecy surrounding accident troubling

In the July 21 edition of the Mirror, Cambria County Police Chief Gary Makosy stated that the crash that killed Jean Sommer and her mother, Donna Daley, is a “unique situation.”

What exactly is unique about someone rear-ending a vehicle?

Maybe the brakes failed. Maybe the driver was talking or texting, not looking at the road ahead but down at the phone. Maybe the driver fell asleep.

But whatever the reason, to rear-end another vehicle with enough impact to kill two people, you have to be driving at an excessive speed.

An earlier article stated that authorities did not release the name of the person driving the truck because they were afraid of retaliation since two people were killed.

Not long before that accident, two motorcycle riders were killed by an individual driving a car, yet all three of their names were published in the paper.

As is always the case, rumors abound, and the more authorities fail to release details, the more rumors persist concerning ties to Cambria County leaders.

Whether those rumors are true or not, what’s the point in waiting for the results of the state police investigation?

No matter how it turns out, it won’t change the name of the person responsible for taking two lives.

Elizabeth K. Shade