Shuster hasn’t managed immigration problem

We are a nation of immigrants. However, immigration must be reasonable. Congressman Bill Shuster has let things get out of control.

When immigration outpaces our ability to assimilate migrants into our culture and economy, consequences become dire.

Shuster supported the expansion of visas for foreign workers, which has displaced scores of Americans at corporations looking for cheap labor. Shuster voted for the “Cromnibus” bill that fully funded President Barack Obama’s amnesty program.

Shuster also voted for open-ended worker importation contained in the “free trade” bills he helped pass through Congress. Meanwhile, he has achieved nothing to curtail sanctuary cities or require e-verify programs for employers.

The spate of violence perpetrated at San Bernardino and elsewhere is no coincidence. Nor is the fact that we have the lowest wages in 40 years.

I am proudly supporting retired Coast Guard captain Art Halvorson over career politician Bill Shuster. Please join me.

Kenneth Ault, Indiana