McGinnis earns trust

McGinnis earns trust

If you pay attention to any of the criticism made about state Representative John McGinnis, you never see or hear complaints that he’s bad for the unborn, bad for taxpayers, bad for fiscal responsibility, bad for liberty or bad for conservatives.

In fact, he’s the highest rated conservative in the Pennsylvania House by the American Conservative Union.

You don’t hear those complaints because those are the issues that matter. Those are the ones he has run on, and those are the ones where he has been most faithful in standing up for our values.

There’s no such thing as a perfect representative and we all have our failings, but the silence of criticism against McGinnis on these issues speaks loudly to his stellar performance in office.

He’s earned our trust and we who care about these important matters need to stand with him on Election Day.

Susan L. Hand, Altoona