Letters to the editor

Like Sandusky case, storyline ‘sickening’

It’s taken me two weeks to write this short letter, and it has been gut wrenching to say the least.

I’ve been following the Mirror’s news articles, online, related to child sexual abuse by Catholic bishops and priests.

It’s a story, as documented in the Mirror, that apparently many people have known about for years and years. It’s absolutely sickening to say the least, but I know much less than many who have been mentioned in those recent articles.

What I’ve read to date sounds every bit as sickening as the one about former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who ended up right where he belongs if all of the allegations about him are indeed true.

Who among us knows for sure?

I have no intention of trying to be a judge or jury about any of the bishops, priests or others within the Catholic church in Blair County and surrounding areas. That job is left for the only living God that many of us believe in and serve.

Aside from what God might do, one has to wonder what other earthly beings, with responsibilities for issues like these, will do. That remains to be seen.

Sandusky is in prison for similar accusations while many of the Catholic individuals involved have only been transferred from one parish to another. Is earthly justice the same for all guilty of the same crime? I don’t know, however, I do know that heavenly justice surely is.

The good news is that God is a forgiving God. However, while God forgives, there have always been penalties to be paid for sins committed.

Will Walk

Spring, Texas

Wolf turning his back on the working class

An open letter to Gov. Wolf:

Let all those folks in Pennsylvania who are making $7.25 or less an hour and trying to make a living for themselves and families not work for two weeks or so.

Let’s see how long the state can keep those people that you just gave raises to at $10 an hour.

For if the state workers that are pushing buttons to run copy machines are making $10 an hour, is that justified for those who are getting blisters and backaches while working in ditches and trenches to put in water lines and sewer lines making $7.25 an hour any better than your state workers?

You’re certainly some type of person who was all for the working class when you were running for governor – how you went into factories and pretended to tell everyone how you were going to help all those folks working in our state that made it strong.

You have certainly not lived up to your words.

This is going on in other states as well. The people we have elected to office are not looking out for the working class any longer.

I feel we are all being neglected.

Raul B. Garcia


Letters to the Editor

Results of Shuster work ‘are all around us’

While the familiar politics of a busy and divisive presidential campaign take center-stage, it is easy to overlook the work of our trusted conservative congressman, Rep. Bill Shuster.

Shuster works hard on our behalf rather than seeking the spotlight, and has gone to the mat for us on farming issues, taxes, spending, pro-family issues and jobs and economic issues.

Specific to farming, Shuster authored legislation stopping President Barack Obama’s overreach through the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, which attacks thousands of landowners in our area.

Shuster grew up on his family’s farm in Bedford County and now he’s there for us in Washington to stop Obama’s overreach, the same way he gets other major reforms through for us in transportation, spending and protecting our Second Amendment rights.

The results of Shuster’s hard work are all around us.

John R. Stoner


Halvorson the best pro-life candidate

In an age in which innocent life is unprotected and threatened by every branch of American government, we need a congressman who will fight in Washington for the lives of unborn children.

Congressman Bill Shuster does not push for pro-life measures to be included in must-pass legislation, and he has voted repeatedly for bills that fund Planned Parenthood, an organization which facilitates the slaughter of unborn children.

Fortunately, voters of the 9th District have a better option – congressional candidate Art Halvorson.

Halvorson has promised not to vote for any bill that includes funding for Planned Parenthood. He will push for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Life at Conception Act to be riders on every piece of must-pass legislation.

Halvorson has said, “There is no purpose for Congress greater than defending life.”

David B. Crandall, M.D.

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