Halvorson will grow jobs

Please take a moment and think carefully about this coming Congressional race between Art Halvorson and Bill Shuster to represent the 9th Congressional District.

Our country needs to create jobs at home – not overseas.

Shuster is completing his 16th year as our congressman and in that time, he has voted repeatedly for bills that open our borders to trade agreements which take good-paying American jobs overseas.

He has supported the Export Import bank, which spends our taxpayer dollars to subsidize communists in China.

Some foreign trade is good but not “free trade” like Shuster supports.

Halvorson will fight to keep good jobs here in America. He didn’t get to where he is by waiting for handouts or handed-down offices. He is a dedicated Christian man and a very hard worker who stands behind his words.

With Congressman Shuster in office, unemployment will continue to grow.

Lorne Fyfe Sr., Bedford