Big insurance integrity lacking

Recently our medical emergency companies have been having difficulties with insurance companies short-paying their bills.

On a good day, they pay 80 percent of their bill. This revenue shortage is causing these companies to go out of business, resulting in a loss of services that jeopardizes the lives of people in our community.

Why aren’t our elected legislators getting involved and putting a stop to this massive problem of insurance companies thinking they’re above the laws? If we don’t pay our bills, there would be major consequences.

Insurance companies are in the business of risk. They charge us for a policy, basically a piece of paper with the hope that we never collect. When we need to collect, they don’t honor their promise to compensate our medical emergency companies in full for their services.

We have seen them do it in the medical field, and lives have been lost. We have seen them do it with homeowner claims, and people are still living in tents because the insurance company won’t live up to their policies. We also see it in automotive claims.

They expect people to accept junkyard parts to repair suspension damage, thereby jeopardizing safety and lives, not to mention diminishing the value of the property.

Why doesn’t the media expose these ridiculous tactics? It’s hypocritical to say they care about their community, but hide the facts that these problems are going on within our own community.

Lastly, if you think you, as a consumer, can’t do anything about it, you’re wrong. At the very least, don’t buy insurance from these agents and companies.

The largest companies are the worst offenders.

Ron Perretta