Push clean energy

With all eyes looking to Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., to create more jobs, there are few better options than clean energy jobs. These are a triple win: they protect our health and our environment, create locally grown jobs and help control electricity bills for consumers.

Luckily this summer, Pennsylvania politicians are considering a plan that will help protect our environment and stimulate clean energy job growth in Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed a far-reaching clean energy initiative investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the clean energy sector. This investment will ensure Pennsylvania is on track to slash carbon pollution, as is laid out in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan that will soon be finalized.

This initiative will ensure Pennsylvania takes advantage of the growing clean energy economy – one of the fastest growing job sectors in America. It will help companies all across the state, including renewable energy businesses like Real Earth Power in Duncansville.

But this will only get done if our elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington hear that their constituents support clean jobs and support these initiatives to jumpstart job growth. Our decision makers need to know that we need to support Wolf’s budget and the Clean Power Plan to stimulate clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania.

Grant Kleiser