Youth should decide who wins elections

I agree with limiting terms, but for voters.

At age 18, they would cast their first vote and 10 years later, at 28, their last one. They would be the only eligible voters. This would allow the youth to decide who runs our country.

This would allow these young people who are called on to defend us, to decide who represents us. Upon reaching 29 years of age, they would then join the non-voters of 29 to 65 years old and simply start a family and career.

When they reach the age of 65, they then join this final group and call it life.

The results of this idea would simply be, the 18 to the 28 years old are the future of what will be, the 29s to the 65s are the present but unable to screw things up and the over 65s who are the past and were the original cause of the world mess and now are in denial, all due to voting.

John K. Coyle