Tomassetti solves issues

I’m voting for Terry Tomassetti because the county’s financial condition has improved considerably under his leadership.

With just one tax increase since taking office, county taxes remain the lowest county-wide compared to school districts and municipalities.

He reduced the size of government by a third by selling a costly nursing home, put

$8 million in the pension, and lowered annual raises for union and non-union employees, generally from 3 percent to 2 percent, with elected officials at the bottom rate.

Preferring to avoid reassessment, he didn’t hide when action was needed. With the worst state-wide inequity in land values, about a third of our property owners pay 60 percent more in taxes than actual value warrants.

A projected $1 million-plus deficit leaves many essential offices at risk. Failure to fund the pension before Tomassetti was in office left a multi-million dollar annual payment.

Tomassetti didn’t create our financial problems. He’s solving them.

Francis R. Wiley