Starr has drive, attitude

This primary election offers many opportunities that can be labeled as “new,” among them would be our newly approved form of city government.

Altoona will now utilize a full-time mayor – also, new.

I understand that the person elected will have significant authority in directing the city’s manager and staff toward an improved quality of life for all city residents. We all seek stability in our surroundings and basic services and equal chances for gainful lasting employment.

I have found a military veteran and former city police chief with excellent leadership abilities and dedication to serve his fellow citizens. He projects integrity, commitment, intelligence and common sense. That person is mayoral candidate Pete Starr.

He is not a politician, and that’s new. He has a positive attitude with the drive to match. He has a positive attitude about our city – that’s new.

His leadership abilities will combine people, places and divergent ideas for the common good and give us all new hope, new approaches and new leadership that can renew Altoona in ways that not only will help the residents of the city, but can lift up the surrounding region, as well.

Starr is the right man at the right time to lead our city back to the prominence that it certainly deserves. Your vote for Pete Starr is extremely important: It’s a vote for a new Altoona.

Craig T. Soyster