Peo man of his word

I know that Rich Peo has the knowledge and experience to be an excellent Blair County commissioner.

Peo has always put the taxpayer first in all of his decisions and ideas for the county.

If I remember correctly, one of the present commissioners was elected because he said he would not re-assess. That happened against taxpayers’ wishes.

I guess that election promises don’t mean anything, as long as it gets you elected. I do not want someone in the commissioner’s office that is reckless with the truth.

When the present commissioners voted for and took salary increases, Peo did not.

Peo is a man of his word, and he will tell you like it is. Rich will be there for the taxpayer, while the present commissioners only said they were.

So, a vote for Rich Peo is a vote for you, the taxpayer.

Thomas Hetrick