Tomassetti aids farmers

I have worked in agriculture, Blair County’s largest industry, my entire life, and I am voting for Terry Tomassetti for commissioner in the upcoming Republican primary.

Tomassetti pays attention to local farmers. A member of the Blair County Farm Bureau, he attends our legislative meetings and farm days where we discuss the issues facing our farmers.

As the commissioner representative to the Ag Land Preservation Board, he helped get more funding to protect farming, doubling it in 2014 and tripling it in 2015, so more farmland rights could be purchased. He did this without tapping into county real estate taxes, instead using Marcellus Shale impact fees.

There has only been one tax increase in his eight years in office. Real estate taxes are a big issue for everyone, particularly in agriculture with our large farms.

Blair County farmers have a friend in Terry Tomassetti.

Gary Long