Local legislators need civics lesson

In a recent letter to the Mirror, State Senator John H. Eichelberger Jr. and State Representative John McGinnis demonstrated a shocking lack of knowledge regarding the Legislative process.

The first part of their letter questioned the merits of Gov. Tom Wolf’s tax reform proposal, which contains a number of proposals that should be troubling to Pennsylvania taxpayers.

However, the letter then takes a very strange and troubling turn.

First, Eichelberger and McGinnis attempt to argue that public school retirees are not entitled to the pensions that were enacted by the Legislature and the governor, partially funded by the retirees themselves and protected by the Pennsylvania Constitution, because the pensions provide no benefit to current public school students.

Is this a standard that Eichelberger and McGinnis apply in general to all retirees, or even to themselves? Or is this a standard they wish to apply solely to public school retirees?

Even more troubling is their next argument.

Eichelberger and McGinnis offer a list of laws enacted by the legislature and the governor dealing with public employee pension benefits and funding, or rather, the lack thereof.

Incredibly, they attempt to blame the PSEA for the derelict actions of the legislature, of which Eichelberger and McGinnis are both members, mind you, and the governor, in enacting these laws, because the PSEA supported the legislation.

The pair even ludicrously demanded an apology from the PSEA for its lawful advocacy.

How two sitting legislators can fail to grasp that it is the legislature and the governor, not the PSEA or any other interest group, that is empowered by the Pennsylvania Constitution to enact laws, is beyond comprehension.

I recommend that Eichelberger and McGinnis stop by a public school sometime for a remedial civics lesson. They clearly need it.

Kathleen Taylor