Kelley most qualified

Bruce Kelley is, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate for the mayoral position in Altoona.

Not only has he been a city councilman for the past 12 years, but he has also been a great community advocate through his interactions on several ad-hoc committee assignments and various boards.

Kelley brings a lifetime of community service and leadership to our city.

He has been on several volunteer boards and committees through his church, the Chamber of Commerce, GAEDC, the American Cancer Society, the Railroaders Memorial Museum, Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board and President of the Altoona Kiwanis Club.

It is clear that Kelley has the experience and proven integrity to the city of Altoona and will continue to work to make our city prosperous again.

Vote Bruce Kelley on May 19.

Susan Gerrick