Good Samaritan gesture story worth telling

I wanted to take a minute to applaud a nice gentleman who helped me with car trouble.

I drove two hours from my current address to my old hometown of Hollidaysburg. After buying oil for my car, I was unable to unscrew the cap.

I encountered a man on the job of unloading a truck at a business. I asked him for help and he kindly responded, saving my day.

We always hear about the worst of society because it gets better ratings in the media, but what happened to the simple concept of one human helping another?

He thanked me numerous times, when I was the one who was thanking him. He made the remark which took me by surprise, “Thank you for trusting me and not seeing me as a threat.”

I felt sad that the world has come to this, when the reality is there are many more Good Samaritans that go unnoticed only because it is not good for the media. Although I am younger than older generations, I feel something is very wrong when people are afraid of one another only because the media tells us to be afraid of our fellow man.

I hope in the future there is a time where our fellow man is someone we can count on instead of someone to be feared. If this gentleman had not been willing to help, I would still be stuck having car problems.

One day if we could see our fellow man as an asset, the world would change and be a better place.

Angela Smith