Good old boys running GVMA

When will it end? I refer to the increase in sewer rates by the Glendale Valley Municipal Authority.

Originally, it was supposed to be about $35 per month. It is now more than $60 because Glendale Yearound was not installed properly, and the taxpayers have to pay for the repair of frozen pipes.

But if you have to fix a frozen pipe, guess who has to pay? The same applies to the Reade Township Municipal Authority. If you have a frozen pipe, you have to fix it and you still have to pay for service – even if you have no service, so you end up paying for water you weren’t using.

Getting back to the GVMA, I filed numerous allegations of civil rights violations: harassment, outright fraud, lies (which can be verified) and extreme hardships to residents, many of whom are senior citizens and veterans. We did not get any help at all.

The good, old boys are back again. They do whatever they want.

Try finding an attorney. I don’t think there are any lawyers in the three states I have tried who will come take a case into court against a municipality. The scam continues, and nobody does anything about it.

Frederick R. Reardon