Fulare teaches values

I have known Jerry Fulare as my best friend’s father.

He is a loving father and very involved with his family. He has raised three beautiful children to become responsible Catholic adults who succeeded in athletics, volunteering in the community and giving to others.

He has taught his family, and in turn myself, what it means to be honest, hardworking and responsible.

He is supportive in his community and has a positive vision for the future. Just knowing this man as my best friend’s father I admire his values and encouraging attitude. He is always trying to help others, making everyone around him comfortable, and he is always supporting the local schools in athletics.

He will bring a high level of honesty, integrity and character to the Board of Supervisors as well as a refreshing mindset of transparency in everything he does. He would make the perfect Logan Township supervisor.

Rebecka Lingenfelter