Frontino top choice as Logan supervisor

Logan Township voters have a choice of electing Ed Frontino, the incumbent who has shown he wants positive change and has represented his constituents well, as opposed to his opponent, Jerry Fulare, who, when serving as supervisor, created problems that resulted in chaos and disruption.

I served as a township supervisor with both individuals.

Frontino had an extensive history of service to the township before being elected. He is proactive and works to find ways to solve problems. He also initiated a unique project working with the volunteer fire service to provide Thanksgiving meals to needy residents.

Fulare, on the other hand, came into office with an attitude of being the new sheriff in town and wanting to “clean up the township.”

Using unsubstantiated crime statistics and information, he attacked the police department and its officers, resulting in them filing a federal lawsuit that resulted in the township’s insurance carrier expending about $70,000 to defend.

The township voters have a clear choice based on the leadership style of both individuals. I plan to vote for the problem solver, Ed Frontino.

Frank Meloy