Eichelberger position on pension perplexing

I am perplexed by Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr.’s remarks and actions.

While I concur with the dilemma Pennsylvania faces with unfunded pension liabilities, I don’t understand the logic of his position in that regard.

The senator singles out the teachers’ pension fund as being the culprit for our woes.

If he feels that is the case, he should also be targeting public safety and law enforcement personnel benefits, as well.

Please note that he totally neglects to mention the very, very generous pension benefits afforded members of the Legislature that include lifetime medical coverage.

In a recent letter to the editor, the senator described the teachers’ pension as an example of greed. Why, then, did he not mention the greed of the other defined benefit systems funded by the commonwealth, as well? In my opinion his position lacks any basis in fairness and equality.

Peter J. Gardella