Build a skate park

Altoona needs a skate park.

There are hundreds of young athletes in Altoona that do not wear uniforms, sell hoagies or 50/50 tickets and still practice their sport for hours to improve their performance.

I am 61 years old and have lived every day in the 12th Ward. Why is that large empty lot on 31st Street and South 10th Avenue not being used for recreation? I think it is a wonderful site for a skate park.

There are very few neighbors to be inconvenienced, the park could be built far enough from 31st Street to be safe for the skaters. Privacy walls and sound absorbing landscape could be part of the design.

I do think a permit of some sort should be required to skate, perhaps a nominal yearly fee, which could include bus rides in cooperation with Amtran, from anywhere in the area to Broad Avenue and 29th or 30th streets for a short skate to the park.

This great city needs an outlet for young people that do not participate in organized sports.

There are a lot of questions to be answered, but I applaud the folks who are at least looking to build a skate park.

William King