Troubling trend

I see more and more stories about animals getting abused and neglected every day. I bet that when you scroll down any social media site, you would see a picture or a video of an animal getting abused.

Adults and children think that it is OK to do whatever they want to animals, like they are a punching bag.

To me, animals should be treated like humans to an extent.

One time while I was scrolling down through my Facebook news feed, I saw a video of a man filming his neighbor beating and kicking his puppy in front of his children.

For one, he should never have filmed this, and should have called the police immediately. Second, the neighbor should not be abusing his dog at all, especially in front of children.

He is basically showing them that it is OK to abuse animals for no reason. Animal abuse should never be okay anywhere.

Brynn Danella

Altoona Area Junior High