Stop Israel’s assaults

The ongoing assault by Israel against the long-besieged Gaza Strip has led to the death of more than 800 Palestinians, most of whom were civilians, women and children included, already bearing the brunt of Israel’s nine-year siege of the territory.

The civilian toll of Israel’s latest assault on Palestinians in Gaza is in keeping with the precedent set by Operation Cast Lead in 2008 that killed more than 1,400 people, and Operation Pillar of Defense four years later, causing 130 casualties.

The siege of Gaza has already been ruled as illegal by the United Nations, despite receiving de facto support from the U.S. government.

Despite this, the U.S. political establishment seems willing to justify and condone not just the wholesale imprisonment of an entire population of a million and a half people under the dubious pretext of Israeli national security, but also the periodic massacres Israel conducts there.

Only a few days back, the world was spectacle to the equally horrifying spectacle of a Palestinian American teenager having his head hit repeatedly by Israeli security forces, in the occupied West Bank.

One has reason to wonder, given the $3 billion forked out by U.S. taxpayers to prop up Israel’s military, why U.S. aid to Israel could not be used to fund humanitarian needs at home instead of war crimes overseas.

Suhail Shafi